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The Book Of Acts Student
Luke 1
Scripture Title
Luke 1 The Book Of Acts Student




In order to fully grasp the Book of Acts, one must look at the Gospel of Luke for a brief introduction.


  1. Who is Theophilus?

  2. Introduction to Book of Luke – 1:1-4

    Historical events (1c)

    Contemporary eye witnesses (2)

    Personal research (3)

    When is the writing of the book done? (1,3)

    What is the reason for writing (4)


  3. Who is Luke?

    The purpose of writing the book.

    Defends Christianity



    Examine the “Song of Simeon”






  4. INTRO TO BOOK OF ACTS – 1:1-2

    What’s the correct name of the book?


    The two phases of Jesus’ ministry.


  5. There is an unique claim we see about Christianity.

    The apostles unique equipment

    a. Chosen

    b. Jesus showed himself to them

    c. Commanded/commissioned them



    When does Day of Pentecost occur?  What is the time period of Pentecost?


  8. COMMISSION – 1:6

    What does the apostles ask of Jesus?

    What is the response of Jesus? (6)

    What are some characteristics of the kingdom? (7-8)




  9. THE ASCENSION – 1:9-12

    Is there a contradiction between what Luke says about this? ( Luke 24:50ff & Acts 1:9ff)

    What significance is there to the Ascension?

    Discuss the angels question in verse 11a.

    Discuss the return of Jesus as the angels describe it in verse 11b.


Acts 1:12-14

  1. What does Luke tell us about the way they prayed? (12-14 & Luke 24:53)

    Does this reflect in our prayer with others?


  2. Why was it necessary to appoint another apostle?


  3. Discuss your view of Judas betrayal of Christ.  Is it because of prophecy concerning the betrayal or his yielding to selfish desires?


  4. Matt. 27:3-5 tells us about Judas’ death & Luke 1:18b gives other details.  Are the two accounts different, or similar?


  5. Read psalms 69 & 109 Read and discuss what is said about the betrayer of Jesus?

    69:4 (Jesus, John 15:25)

    69:9 – (disciples Acts 2:17)

    69:24 – (Peter applies this to Judas (20a)

    109:8 –

    These two scriptures lends support for Peter & the believers to replace Judas.  Consider the parallel between 12 tribes & 12 apostles & so needed fulfillment.


  6. Who was chosen to replace Judas & how?


  7. Why did they not replace James (12:1-2)?


  8. What are the requirements Peter proposes for the replacement of Judas? (21-22)






  3. Appointed by Jesus,

    To cast lots – method of discerning God’s will, OT- Lv. 16:8; Num. 26:55; Pr. 16:33; Lk. 1:9


  1. Note how they proceeded to discern God’s will, list the principles or steps that you see.


Acts 2:1-13


The Day of Pentecost has two meanings, agricultural and historical.  Pentecost means _______.  Read Duet. 16:16 & Exodus 23:16, what are the three annual Jewish harvest festivals?

What three phenomena (things that happened) with the coming of the Holy Spirit? (vss. 2-4).


What do you think each phenomenon could represent? (Luke 24:49; Acts 1:8; Isaiah 6:6-7)



3. The universality of the Christian church (vss. 8-12)   How many groups can you find?

Who were the speakers on The Day of Pentecost? (Jhn. 1:46; 7:52)  Why was this amazing to the people?


The speakers spoke in “other languages” or “glossolalia”.  What is your understanding or view on verse 3?


Read I Cor. 12 & 14, is there a difference of ‘tongue-speaking’ here as opposed to Acts 2:4?


The Day of Pentecost, what other symbolism do you see in this “once only event” for the church?


PETER’S SERMON 2:14 – 47


How does Peter defend the allegations of verse 13?

What are some things of note, or characteristics, of the Spirit’s outpouring?



Verse 17 states “. . . poured out on all flesh.” Is this open to all regardless or is there a prerequisite?



What is your understanding of “ . . . and they shall prophesy. “ in verse 18?


In verses 22 – 36 Peter uses the life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth to help those of verse 13 to understand Pentecost, the out pouring of the Spirit.  What does he say to them and to us today about how we can understand Pentecost?

Vs. 22 – Life & Ministry

Vs. 23 -

Vs. 24 – 32 –

What points does he highlight?


Read Psalms 2:8; 16:8 -11, 20; 110; John 5:39 – 40; Luke 4:21, 24:27,44.

Vs. 33 – 36 –


Read Ps. 110; Mark 12:35 – 37; Luke 20:41 – 44

What has God done as a result of this? (36)



Vs. 37 – 39 -

What effect and what did the people do I response to this sermon?

What was the result, what did they receive?



Vs. 40 – 41 -

How many people were added to the church that day?


Vs. 42 – 46

What are the effects of the Spirit upon the early church?



2.  Loving – Fellowship (I Jhn. 1:3; 2 Cor. 13:14)

How would you explain vss. 44 – 45?  How are Christians to carry this out today?


Acts chapter 5 is the story of Ananias and Saphira, in light of this earlier passage in Acts 2:44 – 45, what is the charge against the couple?


3.  (42)

4. (47b)


A Cripple is healed (3:1-10)

What time of day does this occur?


What is the name of the gate?


What are some things you can see about this man, the cripple?


What two commands did Peter give this man?


Who does Peter give credit for this miracle? (12 13a)


Peter lists four things that the Jews did to dishonor Jesus (13b – 16)


What is one thing that stands out in both of Peter’s sermons?  Christ-centeredness

6 –


13 –

(read Isaiah 52:13ff 18, 26; 4?:27, 30)


14 –

15 –

22 –

The Servant & Christ, Holy One & source of life, Prophet & stone, the uniqueness of Jesus in suffering and  glory - his character and  mission – his revelation and  redemption, all in his ‘Name’ and all of this helps us to understand his saving power.

Peter exalted Christ and ends this sermon challenging the hearers.  Does he offer them an excuse due to their ignorance of not knowing what you are doing (17) and God’s knowing (18)?  


What must they do? (19a)


What three things will result from this action?

(19b) Isa 43:25



(22) Restore “everything”, in reading this does it refer to physical universe or the promises of God? Read Matt. 19:28; Romans 8:19; II Peter 3:13; Rev. 21:5


These Christ-centered promises of total forgiveness, spiritual refreshing and universal restoration, we can see grounded in the OT:



Discuss “will be totally cut off from among his people”?

(23) All prophets from Samuel told of what? (24, Duet. 18:15ff; Luke 9:35; II Sam. 7:12)

we all heirs of this.  Luke wants us to see the promise of God to establish the throne of David from Samuel forward.


25b – Through whose offspring will a blessing come? (Gen. 12:3; 22:18; 26:4)

Who did God bless? (26a)

How then shall we be blessed by the offspring of ___________________? (Romans 1:16; 2:9-10; 3:1-2)


What is the blessing?


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