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Everyone needs a helping hand once and a while. Our Pastoral Care Ministry exists for times like that. Whether you need a helping hand or want to offer one, we’d be pleased to hear from you.


Benevolence Ministry


The Benevolence Ministry is devoted to helping meet the emotional, physical and/or financial needs of the Maranatha body, as well as our brothers and sisters in the community beyond. The program is administered by the Board of Deacons. Who also extend God’s love to the hospitalized and grieving through visitation, prayer, phone calls and greeting cards.

If you need this type of assistance, or you know someone who does, please click here. Or call Deacon Russell Hartley at 503.288-7241. We are always available to offer spiritual guidance and assistance through prayer and Biblical counsel.

Counseling Services

Maranatha offers biblically based counseling to church and community members. For an appointment call Rev. Dr. T. Allen Bethel at 503.288-7241.


Usher Ministry

Ushers serve at Sunday morning services and other special events in the Sanctuary. Our responsibility is to welcome worshippers and help them feel at ease. We also provide the logistical services that allow the worship service to run smoothly. Ushers escort members and guests to their seats, hand out service materials (like bulletins and Bibles), and receive the tithes and offerings. We are trained to be attentive to the church leaders and congregation, and to respond whenever a need arises. Ushers are the Church doorkeepers and watchmen, as well as Servants of God. The Usher Board is open to Maranatha Church members of all ages, and youth are especially encouraged to join. If you’re interested in becoming an Usher, or you want more information, please contact Usher Board President, Vergie Fields, at 503.288-7241.


Greeters Ministry

The Greeters Ministry is largely one of hospitality. We are the first persons that newcomers and members meet when they arrive for worship. Our job is to make them feel welcome, wanted, valued, and special. Basically, a greeter’s role is to ensure that everyone who comes through our doors sees and experiences Christ’s unconditional love. That sets the tone for their worship experience with us. Greeters also connect with guests at the end of Sunday service, and contact absent members to let them know they were missed. The Greeters Ministry is open to Maranatha Church members of all ages, and youth are especially encouraged to join. If you’re interested in joining our cordial ministry, or contact Greeter Ministry Director,  Marie Jones, at 503.287-2528.



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