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I was in prison and you visited me. – Matthew 25:36


Prison Ministries, Inc. was founded in 1975 by John and Vivian Parker. It provides men, women and young people in correctional institutions with these God-directed services:  Christian church services, one-on-one visits, guidance and assistance in maintaining family relationships, and help transitioning into the community upon release. As this is a Christian ministry, it includes all persons regardless of race, religion, creed or social status.


Currently, we conduct monthly chapel services at Oregon State Correctional Institute, and weekly services and spiritual counseling visits at Inverness Multnomah County Jail. Prison Ministries Inc. also creates opportunities for men to earn money for incidentals through our partnership with Victory Outreach Ministries, a faith-based alcohol and drug treatment program. Fresh produce, baked goods, bus tickets and other forms of practical support are supplied when appropriate. Bible study is offered and provided upon request.


Prison Ministries, Inc. is supported entirely through donations made by churches, individuals and businesses. Of the funds raised, 90% goes directly to the programs, projects and services provided.


If God is calling you to prison ministry, or you want to provide financial support, please call Jacqueline Brazzle, Prison Ministry Director, at 503.284-7563.


Besides helping those in custody…Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, showing His love, and meeting the practical needs of prisoners will make a difference in your life.



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